The Name of Messiah

Is the Creator concerned as to whether we pronounce the Savior’s name Jesus, Yahshua, Yeshua, etc.? […]

Jehovah – Not a Word?

It is often claimed that “Jehovah” is not a word. This study responds to one who makes such a claim. […]

Does the Holy Name Mean “The Eternal”?

Does the expression “The Eternal” actually represent the Holy Name? […]

Correct Spelling and Pronunciation of God’s Name in English

Should one be concerned that “Jehovah” is a not God’s name? […]

The Holy Name in the Original Hebrew/Greek

Regarding the alleged “true pronunciation” claims being made concerning the Holy Name. […]

The Holy Name and Other Names and Titles

By man’s tradition, there has been a flood of misrepresentations concerning the holy name, and due to the tradition, it is understandable that many continue to repeat those traditions. […]

Adonay, The Tetragrammaton, and the Great Isaiah Scroll -r

The claim is made concerning the New World Translation it that it is inconsistent in in translating Adonay (or as some prefer, Adonai), for in many places it is translated as “Sovereign Lord” and many other places as “Jehovah”. This study examines these claims. […]