John 20:28 – My Lord and My God

Was Thomas saying that Jesus is the Most High? […]

John 12:41 – Isaiah Saw His Glory

Did John claim that Jesus is Jehovah by what he wrote in John 12:41? […]

John 1:1-18 — Brief Comments and Links

This study briefly examines the description of the Logos throughout these verses. […]

Colossians 1:15 – Did Jesus Have a Beginning? – r

The claim is often made that Jesus had no beginning, and scriptures that relate his beginning are often explained away as meaning something else. Do the scriptures really show that Jesus did have a beginning? […]

John 1:1 – Theos as Applied to the Logos – r

Does the application of the Greek word transliterated as THEOS to the Logos mean that the Logos was the Supreme Being whom he was with? […]

John 6:62; 17:5 – Jesus’ Return to Where He Was Before -r

Replying to arguments against the use of John 6:62 and John 17:5 as proofs that Jesus existed before he became a man. […]

Son of Man and Son of God

Do these two titles of Jesus designate him as both man and God? […]

John 17 – Glory (Notes)

Glory in John 17 (Unedited – Originally written as notes and as responses in forums several years ago; we hope, God willing, to later edit this and Read more […] […]

Genesis 1:26 – Let Us and Elohim

Is there anything in Genesis 1:26 that indicates that God is three persons? […]

John 8:58 – Was Jesus Saying that He is Ehjeh of Exodus 3:14?

Was Jesus using the Holy Name of Exodus 3:14? […]

Acts 13:33 and the Logos of John 1:14

Does Acts 13:33 mean that Jesus was not the Son of God until he was raised out of death? Does John 1:13,14 mean that the man Jesus was born “of the Logos” of verse 1? […]

Is the Logos Simply God’s Thought?

Is the Logos (the Word) of John 1:1-18 simply the thought of God, and thus, is God Almighty Himself? […]

The Biblical Usage of Ehjeh and Ego Eimi

Examines some of the usages of EHYEH and EGO EIMI, as related to claims that Jesus’ usage of this means that Jesus was claiming to be Ehyeh of Exodus 3:14. […]

John 5:46 – Was Jesus Claiming to be the God of Moses?

By his statement recorded in John 5:46, was Jesus claiming to be the God of the Old Testament? […]

Matthew 11:11 – The Greatest Man?

One has claimed that Jesus stated that John the Baptist was greater than any man, evidently with a desire to prove that Jesus was more than a man. In reality, Read more […] […]

John 1:14 – Was God Almighty Made Flesh? (r)

Many often point to John 1:1,14 and claim that God was made flesh. It is amazing how many will say things that are self-contradictory without realizing. Read more […] […]

John 1:1 – Is Jesus “God” Whom He Was With? -r

This is actually a reply to a trinitarian who claimed that Jesus, in John 1:1, is “God” whom Jesus was with. […]

John 8:58 – Is “I Am” Used by Jesus the Divine Name of God? (r)

Angel of Jehovah – r

Is an angel of Jehovah actually Jehovah Himself? Is an “angel of Jehovah” actually Jesus? Is there an “angel of Jehovah” who is the “second person” of the alleged triune God? […]

Humanity Added to Deity? (R)

John 1:1 – In the Beginning (r blogger-jesus)

What “beginning” is John referring to? Was he writing about the “beginning” of the entire created universe? […]

John 10:30 and the Oneness of Jehovah and Jesus

By stating that he his Father are one, was Jesus proclaiming himself to be the only true God? […]

John 10:30 – In What Sense Are Jesus and the Father One? Part 1: One in Person?

Do the words of Jesus as recorded in John 10:30 support the oneness doctrine? Was Jesus claiming and he and his Father are one God? […]

John 10:30 – In What Sense Are Jesus and the Father One? Part 2: One in Power?

Is Jesus one with his God and Father in power? […]

John 8:58 and Other “I am” Statements of Jesus

By his words as recorded in John 8:58, was Jesus claiming to be Yahweh (Jehovah)? […]