Zechariah 4:5 – Jehovah Comes, Jesus Comes

Does the fact that Zechariah says that Jehovah is coming mean that Jesus is Jehovah, since the scriptures say that Jesus is coming? […]

Daniel 7:9,13,22 – Ancient of Days

Is Jesus the Ancient of Days? Is there anything in the Biblical usage related to this title that gives any thought that Jesus and his God and Father are one God? […]

Joel 3:11-12 and Matthew 25:31-32 – Both Yahweh Judges and His Son Judges

Do these scriptures mean that Jesus is Yahweh, or that Jesus is a person of God? […]

Misuse of Similarities

This study investigates how applying the same logic used by many to prove that Jesus is Jehovah, if used of others in other scriptures, would prove many others to be Jehovah. […]

Romans 14:10: The Judgment Seat

Romans 14:10 & 2 Corinthians 5:10 are offered as proof that Jesus is God. […]