True God Versus False God = False Dichotomy (r-blogger)

Is Jesus the only true God or else a false god? […]

Only Two Kinds of God?

Does the Bible support the idea that “god” can only mean the one true God (Supreme Being) or false god? […]

John 17 – Glory (Notes)

Glory in John 17 (Unedited – Originally written as notes and as responses in forums several years ago; we hope, God willing, to later edit this and Read more […] […]

1 Corinthians 8:6 – One God, One Lord; Deuteronomy 6:4 -r

Does “one Lord” in 1 Corinthians 8:6 mean that Jesus is the “one Jehovah” of Deuteronomy 6:4, or that Jesus is a person of that one Jehovah? […]

There is Only One Lord

Jesus is the only one whom the Lord Jehovah has made to be both Christ and Lord. […]

Isaiah 44:6; 45:5; 45:21 – Aside From Yahweh, There is No God (r)

Do these scriptures contradict scriptures that apply forms of the Hebrew word meaning “God” to others than Jehovah (Yahweh)? Can forms of the Hebrew ‘EL (God, mighty) be applied to Jesus without meaning that Jesus is Jehovah? […]

Hebraic Usage of the Titles for “God”

How should one view the scriptures that use the words for “God” as applied to Jesus? […]

John 17:3 – Did Jesus Really Say That the Father is the Only True God?

Many, by way of imaginative assumptions that are read into the scripture, claim that Jesus was including himself as the only true God. This study examines some of those claims. […]

Is the One God Three?

The trinitarian claim is that the Bible calls the Father God, the Son God, and the Holy Spirit, God, and yet it says that there is only one God, and from this the trinity doctrine is assumed. Is this reasoning correct? […]

There is Only One True God

Is there only one true God; how can Jesus be called “god” is there is only one true God? […]