Son of Man and Son of God

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1 John 5:20 – This is the True God

Did John say that Jesus is the “true God”? […]

Acts 13:33 and the Logos of John 1:14

Does Acts 13:33 mean that Jesus was not the Son of God until he was raised out of death? Does John 1:13,14 mean that the man Jesus was born “of the Logos” of verse 1? […]

Matthew 28:19 & the Baptismal Name (r)

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1 Timothy 3:16 – Mystery of Godliness Revealed (m-blogger)

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John 8:58 and Other “I am” Statements of Jesus

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The God (Supreme Being – The Might) of Jesus (Scriptures)

Scriptures showing that Jesus has a God, a Supreme Being, who is the Supreme Being over Jesus. […]

Who is Jesus?

There are many ideas about who Jesus was and is; sad to say, most ideas presented fall far short of who the real Jesus is as presented in the Scriptures. Read more […] […]

John 1:18 – The Only Begotten God – r

Does the usage of “God” in John 1:18 mean that Jesus was the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, or that Jesus was a person of God? […]