“Lord” in Genesis 18:27 (r-blogger)

Is there anything in Genesis 18:27 that proves that Jesus is Jehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? […]

The Name of Messiah

Is the Creator concerned as to whether we pronounce the Savior’s name Jesus, Yahshua, Yeshua, etc.? […]

“Praise the Lord” vs. “Praise Jehovah” -r

Does the Bible ever use the phrase “Praise the Lord’? […]

Revelation 1:8 – Is Jehovah or Jesus Being Quoted? – r

Who is speaking in Revelation 1:8? Jesus or the God and Father of Jesus? Does this scripture offer proof that Jesus is Jehovah, or that Jesus is a person of Jehovah? […]

Jehovah – Not a Word?

It is often claimed that “Jehovah” is not a word. This study responds to one who makes such a claim. […]

Is God’s Holy Name “The Lord”?

According to many, the holy name of God is “ineffable,” unutterable, and should never be pronounced. Thus, they replace the holy name with other words, such as Adonai, Kurios (Lord), El, Elohim, Theos (God), Dunamis (Power), etc. Their claim is that by doing this they are not pronouncing the most holy name because of its sacredness. Is this true? […]

Jude 1:5 – Did “Jesus” Save Israel Out of Egypt?

Does Jude 1:5 offer proof that Jesus is Jehovah, or that Jesus is one of three persons of a triune God? […]

Does the Holy Name Mean “The Eternal”?

Does the expression “The Eternal” actually represent the Holy Name? […]

A Catholic Monk Invented “Jehovah”?

Many assertions are often made concerning the English form “Jehovah”; such assertions are often based on the assumption that “Jehovah” is “name” separate Read more […] […]

1 Corinthians 8:6 – One God, One Lord; Deuteronomy 6:4

Does “one Lord” in 1 Corinthians 8:6 mean that Jesus is the “one Jehovah” of Deuteronomy 6:4, or that Jesus is a person of that one Jehovah? […]

Philippians 2:9,11; Isaiah 42:8 – Was the Holy Name Changed to “Jesus”?

Was God’s Holy Name changed to “Jesus”? […]

John 8:58 – Was Jesus Saying that He is Ehjeh of Exodus 3:14?

Was Jesus using the Holy Name of Exodus 3:14? […]

Acts 26:14-18 – Who Are You, Lord?

Did Saul believe Jesus to be the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? […]

Correct Spelling and Pronunciation of God’s Name in English

Should one be concerned that “Jehovah” is a not God’s name? […]

Matthew 7:21,22; Luke 6:46 — Does “Lord” Mean God?

Does “Lord” mean “God”? Did Jesus claim to be the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in these verses? […]

The Holy Name in the Original Hebrew/Greek

Regarding the alleged “true pronunciation” claims being made concerning the Holy Name. […]

John 8:58 – Is “I Am” Used by Jesus the Divine Name of God? (r)

“Lord” in the New Testament (r-blogspot)

How the Greeks words for “Lord” are used and of whom in the New Testament. […]

KURIOS in Mark

An examination of the times when forms of the word “kurios” appear in the Gospel According to Mark so as to determine in which verses the Holy Name has been changed to a form of KURIOS. […]

John 8:58 and Other “I am” Statements of Jesus

By his words as recorded in John 8:58, was Jesus claiming to be Yahweh (Jehovah)? […]

The Holy Name and Other Names and Titles

By man’s tradition, there has been a flood of misrepresentations concerning the holy name, and due to the tradition, it is understandable that many continue to repeat those traditions. […]

Does the Bible Speak of More Than One “Holy Name”?

How many holy names are there spoken of in the Bible? […]

Luke 2:11 – Jesus – “Christ the Lord”

Does “Lord” in Luke 2:11 mean that Jesus is Yahweh? Does it mean that there never was a time when Jesus was not “Lord”? […]

Jude 1:4 – The Only Despotes

Does the reference to Jesus as the “only despotes” mean that Jesus is Yahweh? […]

Judges 13:2-23 – The Angel that Appeared to Manoah and His Wife

Was the angel of Jehovah who appeared to Manoah and his wife actually the second person of the trinity? […]