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Philippians 2:9,11; Isaiah 42:8 – Was the Holy Name Changed to “Jesus”?

Was God’s Holy Name changed to “Jesus”? […]

John 8:58 – Was Jesus Saying that He is Ehjeh of Exodus 3:14?

Was Jesus using the Holy Name of Exodus 3:14? […]

The Holy Name in the Original Hebrew/Greek

Regarding the alleged “true pronunciation” claims being made concerning the Holy Name. […]

KURIOS in Mark

An examination of the times when forms of the word “kurios” appear in the Gospel According to Mark so as to determine in which verses the Holy Name has been changed to a form of KURIOS. […]

Divine Name in the New Testament (JW Video)

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“Jehovah” and Jehovah’s Witnesses -r

A link to the first chapter of Greg Stafford’s 3rd Edition of his book on In Defense of Jehovah’s Witnesses. […]

Watchtower’s Alleged Scriptural Distortions on the NT Restoration of the Holy Name

A response to Walter Martin’s comments about the “divine name” and the New World Translation of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. […]

Should God’s Holy Name Be Pronounced?

Many claim that the holy name is ineffable, that it is too sacred to pronounce, or that it should not be pronounced for fear of mispronouncing it, and thus they change the name to other words, making sure that they do mispronounce that holy name. […]

The Holy Name in the New Testament -r

Was the Holy Name of God changed or replaced in the New Testament? […]