Is God’s Holy Name “The Lord”?

According to many, the holy name of God is “ineffable,” unutterable, and should never be pronounced. Thus, they replace the holy name with other words, such as Adonai, Kurios (Lord), El, Elohim, Theos (God), Dunamis (Power), etc. Their claim is that by doing this they are not pronouncing the most holy name because of its sacredness. Is this true? […]

A Catholic Monk Invented “Jehovah”?

Many assertions are often made concerning the English form “Jehovah”; such assertions are often based on the assumption that “Jehovah” is “name” separate Read more […] […]

Correct Spelling and Pronunciation of God’s Name in English

Should one be concerned that “Jehovah” is a not God’s name? […]

Should God’s Holy Name Be Pronounced?

Many claim that the holy name is ineffable, that it is too sacred to pronounce, or that it should not be pronounced for fear of mispronouncing it, and thus they change the name to other words, making sure that they do mispronounce that holy name. […]