Isaiah 9:6 – Father of Eternity

An examination of the argument that Isaiah 9:6 speaks of Jesus as the “father of eternity.” […]

John 14:9 – Seeing the Father in Jesus -r

By his words recorded in John 14:9, was Jesus claiming to be the Father; was he claiming to be a person of the only true God, or was he simply claiming that one could see the only true God in Jesus’ works and words? […]

Isaiah 9:6 – The Singular Name of the Son Given

The Leeser translation presents the thought that “He”, that is, Yahweh, is the one who calls the Messiah by this name. Since it is Yahweh, the only true God who, in context (Isaiah 9:7), is performing these things, the default assumption should be that child being given by Yahweh is not Yahweh. […]

Isaiah 9:6 – The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father

Does Isaiah 9:6 offer proof that Jesus is Yahweh (Jehovah)? […]