“Lord” in Genesis 18:27 (r-blogger)

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Angel of Jehovah – r

Is an angel of Jehovah actually Jehovah Himself? Is an “angel of Jehovah” actually Jesus? Is there an “angel of Jehovah” who is the “second person” of the alleged triune God? […]

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1 Timothy 3:16 – Mystery of Godliness Revealed (m-blogger)

What is the mystery of godliness that Paul spoke of in 1 Timothy 3:16? […]

Genesis 1:1 – Elohim Created

A brief regarding the word often transliterated as ELOHIM in Genesis 1:1. Does the plurality of this word mean there are three “persons” in one God? […]

Genesis 1:26 – “Let Us”: God Speaks to His Son

Was God speaking to another person of Himself in Genesis 1:26,27? […]

Light, Darkness and the Logos (r-blogger Jesus)

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“Let us” and “One of Us” (r)

Does “Let us” and “one of us” in Genesis 1:26; Genesis 3:22, Genesis 11:7 or Isaiah 6:8 designate a triune God? […]

Genesis 48:16 – The Angel Who Redeemed Jacob

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Genesis 1:26 – God Speaks to His Son (Link)

Does Genesis 1:26 offer proof that Jesus is Yahweh, or that Jesus is a person of Yahweh? Link to “Trinity in the Bible” Blogsite. […]

Genesis 34:7 – The firstborn nation, Israel

Genesis 34:7 Someone objects that the people of Israel existed before they were God’s firstborn. (Genesis 34:7) This is thought to offer proof that the Read more […] […]

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Were the three angels here actually the three persons of the trinity? Discussion of Genesis Chapters 18 and 19 as related to trinitarian claims […]

Genesis 3:22 – Like One of Us, Knowing Good and Evil

Was Yahweh, by using ‘us’ instead of ‘me’, proclaiming himself to be more than one person? Did Yahweh have experential knowledge of good and evil? Why was Adam and Eve ashamed? […]