Psalm 89:27 – Yahweh’s Firstborn King

Also I will make him my firstborn, higher than the kings of the earth. — Psalm 89:27, World English

Some point to Psalm 89:27 as an illustration that “firstborn” is used to mean other than the first one to be brought forth by a father, usually in an effort to demolish the idea that Colossians 1:15 means that Jesus had a beginning.

Biblically, we find that usually the position of firstborn is given to the first son born in a family or lineage. Many times, however, that honor is taken away from the one who would have held that honor and given to another, as in the instance of Esau and Jacob (Israel). (Genesis 25:29-34; 27:6; Romans 9:12,13; Hebrews 12:16) Likewise, David was given the honor of firstborn over the kings of the land due to Saul’s unfaithfulness, although Saul was the the actual one who held the position of the firstborn as king over Israel, since he was actually the first king of Israel.

This does not do away with the truth that one is a part of the whole of that which he is firstborn. It certainly does not mean that either David’s kingship or that of Saul had no beginning. Note also that David was a king, thus would be included in the group over which he is appointed firstborn.  It certainly does not give us any thought that to be begotten means that which begotten has no beginning.

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