Hosea 1:7 – Yahweh Speaks of Another Yahweh?

Hosea 1:7 – But I will have mercy on the house of Judah, and will save them by Yahweh their God, and will not save them by bow, nor by sword, nor by battle, by horses, nor by horsemen.” — World English.

According to one trinitarian:

The “I” at the beginning of verse 7 is clearly Jehovah and says that He will do something for you through yet another person called “their God (Jehovah)”. The “Jehovah their God” is clearly a different person from the “Jehovah” who is speaking at the beginning of the verse.

We believe the above “clearly” demonstrates a misuse of the word “clearly”, since, in reality, it has to be imagined and assumed that there are two different persons being spoken of in Hosea 1:7 as Yahweh. The false conclusion being reached by the assumption is that there are two different Yahwehs, and, by use of the spirit of human imagination, it is to be further assumed that one of these Yahwehs is the alleged first person of the alleged one triune Yahweh, and the through further use of the spirit of human imagination, one is to assume that the second alleged “Yahweh” is Jesus, who is being assumed to the another person of the alleged triune God. Thus, by means of all of this human imagination, is being claimed that there “clearly” one person who is Yahweh who is speaking to another person who is Yahweh, etc., in Hosea 1:7

The point of what is being said has nothing to do with any idea that there are two Yahwehs, one Yahweh who is speaking of another Yahweh. The  is that Yahweh refers to Himself by name as the One that save the house of Judah, not the house of Judah will be saved by means of any other might, or force, such as bow, sword, etc. Remembering that the Holy Name means “He is”, signifying that he is who he is (Exodus 3:14), that he cannot deny himself (2 Timothy 2:13), Yahweh makes use of His own Holy Name, as representing Himself as the God of Judah, to intensify the contrast between Himself and that of the puny implements of man. We are not actually given any scriptural reason to imagine and see even vaguely that two different persons are being spoken of as Yahweh.

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