Is God’s Holy Name “The Lord”? (Video)

Many claim that God’s Holy Name is “ineffable”, unutterable, and too sacred to be pronounced out loud.

As a result this belief, the tradition developed of changing God’s Holy Name to other words or titles.

However, does one actually avoid pronouncing the Holy Name by changing it to titles or other words, such as “the Lord”, “God”, “HaShem”, etc.?

Absolutely not!

Why not?

Because they are still giving the Holy Name a pronunciation, that is, they are (mis)pronouncing the Holy Name as “the Lord” or “God”, or whatever else they may substitute for the Holy Name.

If their goal is to avoid pronouncing the Holy Name, they, by (mis)pronouncing the Holy Name with other words or titles, or doing exactly what they claim to be avoiding.

Did God ever give anyone authority to change His eternal Holy Name to any other words?


The truth is that God’s Holy Name is not “the Lord”, nor is it “God”.

In English, God’s Holy Name is usually rendered as “Jehovah” or “Yahweh”.

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