1 Timothy 3:16 (Resource Page)

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1 Timothy 3:16 – Mystery of Devotion
1 Timothy 3:16 – Mystery of Godliness Revealed
1 Timothy 3:16 – Mystery of the Godhead?

Studies by Others

We do not necessarily agree with all conclusions given by others.

Bible Students
God Manifest in the Flesh – Charles Taze Russell
Benefitting From the Ancient Manuscripts – James Parkinson
The Mystery of Godliness – Walter A. Sargeant

Authors Not Associated with the Bible Students
Various Translations and Commentaries of 1 Timothy 3:16 – Bible Hub
Compare Translation of 1 Timothy 3:16 – Bible Study Tools
1 Timothy 3:16 – The Trinity Delusion
Refuting another common “proof” verse for the deity of Messiah – Torah of Messiah (NOTE: We do not dispute the deity of Messiah; we do dispute that Christ’s deity means that he is Jehovah, or a person of Jehovah).
Notes on Some Passages of Dogmatic Importance – Samuel P. Tregelles



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