Divine Name in the New Testament (JW Video)

The following video is presented by one of the JWs. We agree with most of what is stated, but would probably have presented some things a little differently. The video presents an argument as to why we should believe that the holy name was originally in the New Testament.

Our Comments

It would be more correct to say that the NIV has changed the holy name to “the Lord” or “God.” Actually, however, God has not authorized anyone to change his holy name to anything esle, such as “the Lord,” “God,” “HaShem,” “Adonai,” “Kurios,” etc.

Those who claim that we should not pronounce the Holy Name, rather than NOT pronouncing the Holy Name as claimed, actually end up pronouncing the Holy Name as “the Lord”, “God,” “Hashem,” etc. Actually, there is absolutely nothing in the Bible that forbids pronouncing the Holy Bame, nor is there anything that forbids pronouncing that name according to linguistical changes.

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