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1 Peter 3:18 – Jesus Died a Human Being – Raised a Spirit Being
1 Thessalonians 5:23 – Spirit, Soul and Body

2 Corinthians 5:10 – Judgment Seat of Christ

Arius and Deity

Beginnings in the Bible

Colossians 1:15,16 – Genitive and “For”

Deity – Searches in the entire Restoration Light site for the word “deity”
Divinity of Jesus
Does the Holy Spirit Speak (Christian Questions Radio – MP3)

God’s Finger – Search of this blogsite (Related to the Holy Spirit of God)

Hebrews 1:6 – link to brief comment

Is the Trinity a Biblical Doctrine?
Isaiah 7:14 – Immanuel
Isaiah 9:6 – A Singular Name
Isaiah 9:6,7 – The Singular Name
Isaiah 44:24 – Yahweh was Alone
Isaiah 46:4 – “I Am the Same”

John 1:1 – The Logos of God
John 1:1 – What Beginning?
John 1:1 and Trinitarian Assumptions
John 1:18 – Only Begotten Son/God
John 6:35,41,48,49,51 – “I am” the Bread of Life
John 8:12- “I am” the Light
John 8:24 – Except You Believe That I am
John 8:58 – “I am”
John 8:58 – Did Jesus Use the Holy Name?
John 18:5,6 – Why Did the Soldiers Fall Back?

Matthew 28:19 – One Name

Psalm 110:1 – Jesus at Yahweh’s Right Hand

Revelation 1:8 – The God of Jesus Speaks
Revelation 21:6 – God Who Sits on the Throne
Revelation 22:13 – I am Alpha and Omega

The God and Father of Jesus

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